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Speed up your workflow with Excalibur 6 - The Custom Command - always available as a docked window!

Excalibur 6 is compatible with Vegas pro 8.0a or newer, Vegas Pro 8.1, Vegas Pro 9-32 and 64 bit, Vegas Pro 10-32 and 64 bit!

NOTE: Excalibur (or any other script or Custom Command) will NOT work with any of the Vegas Movie Studio products. Only the full version of Vegas is supported.

Download Excalibur
Custom Command for Vegas Pro 14 64 bit.

Download Excalibur
Custom Command for Vegas Pro 13 64 bit.

Download Excalibur
Custom Command for Vegas Pro 8.0a or newer, Vegas Pro 8.1,
Vegas Pro 9/10/11/12 - 32/64 bit!

For older versions of Vegas, see details about the older script versions here

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What's new in version in 6?

Excalibur 6 - The Custom Command
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Duncan also used a third-party script program called Excalibur that allowed him to streamline the multi-cam edit by automatically creating edits based on the timeline markers. "The built-in scripting language of Vegas software allows so many functions to be automated," Duncan said, adding that third-party scripts like Excalibur take advantage of the open-source design of the Vegas software, greatly enhancing its versatility and creating a huge benefit for the user

Sony Vegas, Excalbur plug-in and the SD-Connect video convertor fine-tune the Stellar Awards
The Stellar team was so happy with the use of Vegas and Excalibur that they put them in the actual show credits.

[Excalibur 6.0.1 is] just such an improvement over the previous way of operating! It's light years ahead. Rich K.

The new interface [of Excalibur 6.0.1] is sooooo much better (e.g., the tab and default changes) Wayne S.

I love Excalibur 6 as a Custom Command. Previously I never bothered with Excalibur or other scripts. I found it annoying to stop everything, load a script, & do what I want. Thanks to Excalibur being a Custom Command, it is making a world of difference. So much faster to work with. Steve H.

Excalibur 6 no longer blocks me from getting at/to the Timeline, as with the previous non-extension version/incarnations. Yes I know it IS the same Excalibur, but not having Excalibur blocking me from the Timeline, I can now flick between Excalibur and the Timeline. Graham B.

I love the fact that it's always up and dockable. Nice job! Joel K.

Overall I like the custom command version much better. Load time is much better for me. As a whole it feels faster and more responsive. I like the tabbed window. Feels like Excalibur 6 is more a part of Vegas. Rick M.

When a script is run (like older versions of Excalibur, batch render, and other free/fee scripts) I loose ALL control to the Vegas app. I must close the plugin (by either applying something or canceling out) to get back to vegas. A big bummer imho. Vegas has always been about doing anything you want, any time under any condition. The scripting system breaks that. My work flow has stopped. That is THE SINGLE biggest reason I've never bought any scripts.

I knew how handy these scripts could be, and were, but having to stop what I was doing kinda killed it. Many things I could do "by hand" with a little more effort. But, for example, I can now have parts of the timeline looping while I use a docked Excalibur 6 window & change the velocity, add fades, strobe, etc. in REAL TIME, just like the rest of Vegas. Stephen H.

I've been doing multi-cam shoots and editing them with Vegas for quite some time now, but I've always wondered if there was a better way. When it came time to editing an 8 hour seminar from 5 camera angles in less than 1 week, I was nearly pulling my hair out.... that is until I found Excalibur. It has literally already paid for itself 20x over since I started using it just 2 weeks ago and has saved me hours in my workflow. I know that this will become an invaluable part of my editing workflow. Thanks Excalibur!
Jeremy K.

I love excalibur. If I had a nickel for all the nickels (time) I have saved using your program, well, I would have a heck of alot of nickels. Keep up the good work and thanks. Best multicam program out there. Well worth the money.
Steve N.

I downloaded the new Excalibur [Version 5.0] a couple of weeks ago and it is great. I used it for a few end of the year slide shows and have had great reviews on the new twisting feature. It really looks and works wonderfully.
Mike L.

Thanks so much Edward.
Just playing around with Video Scrapbook.
I'll be doing those before and after projects with my eyes closed.
Random setting works great for video photo album work too.
Excalibur is great all around.
Version 4.0 has already paid for itself. 4.2 is a bonus.
Dan S.

The event to markers works great and was just what I was looking for. This is going to save A LOT OF TIME.
Terry E.

Excalibur takes the imagination and makes it work for you. The things you always wonder about and how to make work and with one click....Voila!!
Without this it would take many more hours to complete our projects. My videos wouldn't look half as good without this plug-in.
Thanks and keep up the good work.
Dan L.

Hello Edward-
I downloaded "Excalibur" and was able to multi-cam edit in 5 minutes of fumbling through it. Great program and for sure I would spend my money on it.
Thank you!!

It just keeps getting better!
Tools we can use.
Especially the voice over scripts.
Daniel S.

I just wanted to write and say thanks for your great support last week and your instructions on how to get Excalibur to do what I needed. The instructions were perfect and your software solved a bunch of problems quite a few people here were struggling with. I already bought 3 licenses for our three encoding machines, and we'll be adding to that soon. It has become a central part of our whole workflow, and hasn't caused even the slightest hiccup.
Wyatt G.

Thanks for Excalibur it has put fun back into video.

Doing a series of before and after projects for home stagers in Toronto using photos.
There are times when I have actually said "thanks" out loud for Excalibur.
Worth much more than the price paid.
But that doesn't mean you have to raise the price.
Dan S.

I just want to write and Thank you for Excalibur. I made use of the wall of video and newspaper spin effects in a corporate video and my client was "blown away." The multicam feature saved me hours of time and helped me get a project completed under the wire. Excalibur is also easy to learn and use. Thanks again for a winning tool.
Al S.

The following are in response to a personalized scripts

Ah, the magic of scripts - This appears to work perfectly!

We'll play with it and do some "end to end" tests of our process over the next few days and let you know if it needs any tweaks, but I think it's going to do the trick.

As always, your help is very much appreciated.
David R. (SBR Creative Media)

Works great now!
Thanks for your help.
-Darrin (Sony Music)

Thank you very much So far, everything else looks good. I will continue testing and let you know how it goes. Thank you again.
-Ralph (Sony Music)

Thanks Mate, that worked perfectly. I can't believe it was that simple.
Phil L. (Christian Blind Mission International)