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Speed up your workflow with Excalibur 6 - The Custom Command - always available as a docked window!

Excalibur 6 is compatible with Vegas pro 8.0a or newer, Vegas Pro 8.1, Vegas Pro 9-32 and 64 bit, Vegas Pro 10-32 and 64 bit!

NOTE: Excalibur (or any other script or Custom Command) will NOT work with any of the Vegas Movie Studio products. Only the full version of Vegas is supported.

Download Excalibur
Custom Command for Vegas Pro 8.0a or newer, Vegas Pro 8.1,
Vegas Pro 9/10/11 - 32/64 bit!

For older versions of Vegas, see details about the older script versions here

What's New
What's new in version in 6?

Excalibur 6 - The Custom Command
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Repair Maintenance tools provide:
  • Creation of emergency save files with date/time appended to the file name
  • Optional notes appended to the file name
  • New 'Save As' mode which asks for the options notes without opening the full Excalibur screen
  • Saving across multiple drives
  • Fixing of bad frames
  • Place all unused media on a new track
  • Place all unused media in a new bin
  • Adjust the "Smoothness" setting on all Pan/Crop keyframes
  • Resync misaligned audio to video
  • Restore missing audio or video
  • Remove all effects from an event
  • Reset Pan/Crop (i.e. Aspect) back to original settings
  • Convert regions to command markers to copy subtitle information for WMV creation
  • Stitch files together from a bad network render
  • Remove transitions resetting them back to crossfades