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Speed up your workflow with Excalibur 6 - The Custom Command - always available as a docked window!

Excalibur 6 is compatible with Vegas pro 8.0a or newer, Vegas Pro 8.1, Vegas Pro 9-32 and 64 bit, Vegas Pro 10-32 and 64 bit!

NOTE: Excalibur (or any other script or Custom Command) will NOT work with any of the Vegas Movie Studio products. Only the full version of Vegas is supported.

Download Excalibur
Custom Command for Vegas Pro 14 64 bit.

Download Excalibur
Custom Command for Vegas Pro 13 64 bit.

Download Excalibur
Custom Command for Vegas Pro 8.0a or newer, Vegas Pro 8.1,
Vegas Pro 9/10/11/12 - 32/64 bit!

For older versions of Vegas, see details about the older script versions here

What's New
What's new in version in 6?

Excalibur 6 - The Custom Command
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About Excalibur 6 - The Custom Command

Don’t be tied down to either using a script or using the timeline, now you can use your script and your timeline too! Thanks to the new Custom Command technology introduced in Vegas Pro 8, with Excalibur 6 – the Custom Command – you no longer have to make a choice. Freely move back and forth between Excalibur and the timeline for the fastest editing workflow possible as Excalibur is now tightly integrated in the Vegas interface.

When Excalibur is started, it will become another window docked with the other standard Vegas windows such as the Explorer, Project Media, Transitions, and Video FX. Undock, re-dock, and resize it as desired. Need to quickly access any tool? No problem – it’s already started and waiting for you. Just click on the appropriate tab, select the desired tool, and continue editing.

Need to use “undo” to go back to a previous period of time? No longer will you see “Run Script” listed several times in the list. Instead, all changes made by Excalibur will be listed with easy to recognize names so you know exactly which tool had been run. In this case, the Excalibur tools “Select Events”, “Gap/Overlap”, and “Video Scrapbook” were used and can be easily identified in the undo list.

Click here to see other new features in Excalibur 6! This includes two additional Custom Commands - Project Inspector and Auto Save.

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