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Speed up your workflow with Excalibur 6 - The Custom Command - always available as a docked window!

Excalibur 6 is compatible with Vegas pro 8.0a or newer, Vegas Pro 8.1, Vegas Pro 9-32 and 64 bit, Vegas Pro 10-32 and 64 bit!

NOTE: Excalibur (or any other script or Custom Command) will NOT work with any of the Vegas Movie Studio products. Only the full version of Vegas is supported.

Download Excalibur
Custom Command for Vegas Pro 14 64 bit.

Download Excalibur
Custom Command for Vegas Pro 13 64 bit.

Download Excalibur
Custom Command for Vegas Pro 8.0a or newer, Vegas Pro 8.1,
Vegas Pro 9/10/11/12 - 32/64 bit!

For older versions of Vegas, see details about the older script versions here

What's New
What's new in version in 6?

Excalibur 6 - The Custom Command
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The Original Multi-cam is now better than ever.

Powerful Multi-Cam tools provide:
    Live Camera Switching (Vegas 6.0b or newer only)
  • Multi-cam can be run as many times as desired
  • Automatically build the complete multi-cam project from selected clips
  • Presets for up to 25 cameras
  • Powerful Tally system (automatic or manual updating)
  • Tally color can be changed at any time
  • User-Defined tally's allowed
  • Tallys crossfade illustrating specified transition length
  • Can specify a different dissolve length for any camera change
  • Can specify a dissolve happens before, after, or centered on the marker
  • Can specify any transition for any particular dissolve
  • Can process only the selected area
  • Individual cameras provided for cuts, dissolves, and transitions
  • New Cameras tab for quicker and easier camera switching
  • Cameras can be placed on the toolbar, assigned to keypresses, and used with devices such as the Contour Shuttle Pro.
  • Improved support for HD footage on a mismatched timeline
  • Assistance with Syncing
  • Volume Envelopes automatically added to all audio tracks
  • Automatic PIP'd view with camera number overlay
  • Alternate angles added as Takes for easy adjustments
  • Camera markers do not affect DVD Chapter markers
  • Camera changes across multiple events allowed